Hi, my name is Lesia Pakharyna Lesia Pakharyna, I am a
multidisciplinary specialist Multitasking from Ukraine.

I’m working on personal and commercial projects envolving fashion, beauty, culture, interior design etc as a multidisciplinary strategist, creative director, content creator, stylist, writer Elle, L’Officiel.

I am
I am
I am

I help brands and people make great content 😎
and become visually unique and memorable ❀️

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+ Creation strategy (brand, marketing, pr)

+ Design presentation

+ Maintaining websites

+ Graphical design

+ Content creation (visual style for social media, shooting as a producer)

+ Stylist (personal, fashion)

+ Project Management

+ Communication Management

+ Media (as a writer for media and pr for customer)

+ Consulting β†’ Mentoring


> English: upper-intermediate
> French: beginner
> Ukrainian: in my heart πŸ’›

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